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Arrow Retail is an independent, national investment manager that focuses exclusively on buying and revitalizing existing retail properties. We have invested more than $1.5 billion in more than 8 million square feet of retail space in the past eight years.

For each investment, our team’s commitment is to underwrite the fundamentals that define good retail real estate and then envision changes at the property that address the dynamics of today’s retail market to connect with the surrounding community. Retail centers are moving away from a traditional role of distribution to an opportunity for communication between brands and customers. As a result, brands want to be where people are and today’s consumers want places that offer a broad array of fitness, food, entertainment and events mixed with gatherings spaces and unique opportunities to engage. This vision recognizes that today’s most vibrant retail properties are about far more than just shopping options. They are attuned to the total lifestyle of the consumer and designed to serve as a destination experience rather than merely a place to shop.

An experienced focused team, Arrow’s professionals leverage access to capital with this unique understanding of the change affecting retail to reposition retail properties to connect with communities.

A national presence

With investments throughout the country, Arrow Retail selectively targets fundamentally good retail centers.

Often times these are some of the oldest assets in a community. But while still occupying a center point in the community they have not been adapted to engage with their customers

As we enter new phases and look for new projects, we continue to embrace a nationwide reach as the best way to find the projects that can bring the greatest reward to our investors. Every community has areas of opportunity and Arrow has the expertise to reimagine them and reposition them to connect with the community

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If you have an opportunity in your community or have comments on an asset we currently own please feel free to reach out to us.  This secure web form will get your comments and questions to our team right away, or you can give us a call or send us an email.